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Mill Street Live 2009

Mill Street Live 2009The Mill Street Guild had it's debut summer in 2009 and received an amazing response from surrounding communities. Each week the cast put on an amazing display of dancing and singing. By the end of the summer shows were sold out and it was evident that even during hard economic times there is still a strong local support for the arts.

As the group of young performers began to plan for a summer show it was evident that finding a venue to perform at was a key decision. The Plymouth Arts Center was one such venue the group looked into. After having a few meetings with the Plymouth Arts Center staff the decision was made that it would be a perfect relationship. This truly became evident as the Plymouth Arts Center staff helped guide the Mill Street Guild through different aspects of planning and marketing the show.

Plymouth Arts CenterEach week the cast brought their energy and shared it with the audience. It was evident that by the end of the summer the Mill Street Guild had developed quite a following, with several patrons attending most if not all of the shows. The Mill Street Guild was indirectly able to give back to the Plymouth Arts Center. New equipment was purchased or donated by sponsors of the Plymouth Arts Center which in turn was beneficial for both the summer show as well as many of the other functions that take place at the Plymouth Arts Center.

2009 was an amazing experience for not only the members of the Mill Street Guild, but also the Plymouth Arts Center staff and those who came out to see Mill Street Live!

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